How it works

Delivery & Installation

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We have an experienced team of fitters willing to travel reasonable distances from our area, we ensure that all of our staircase installation complies with the latest Building Regulations, so that you know they are safe. The specific Building Regulations will vary depending on the type of staircase. Alternatively any competent tradesman will be able


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Once a staircase design has been approved our design engineering department, drawings are released, materials ordered, and the staircase fabrication process started. We aim to manufacture and supply your stairs within 35 days.


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When you have approved our design, or If you already have a design you are happy with, we will model the project in the context of your space and focus on getting how it looks right. We can then give you: Firm cost Detailed specification Outline drawings Scope of works CAD drawings & vizualization

Concept Design

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The second part the project process is Concept Design. Continox design service helps you ‘see’ your finished staircase or balustrade from a number of areas within your property – even if you are still at planning stage. A survey is taken, if appropriate, during a meeting with our design team. Richard will study the space,

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