Central spine offer from £6,999

✓ Unbeatable Modern staircase Offer ✓

Central Spine Staircase

Prime Grade 100% Solid

Solid European Oak Treads

Glass Produced To BS EN 12150 Standard

12mm Toughened Glass

Prime Grade 100% Solid

Solid Oak Handrail

Prices starts from £7,999.00 + VAT

Central spine offer from £6,999

✓ Unbeatable Modern staircase Offer ✓

Central Spine Staircase

Prices starts from £6,999.00 + VAT

What is included and what are the limitations of this £7,999 offer?

Straight central spine stairs up to a maximum height of 2700mm – Maximum up to 13 steps

12mm toughened glass balustrade on one side of the stairs

Beautiful solid oak threads with a maximum width of 900mm

Stainless steel brackets for mounting the glass balustrade

Professional stair design strictly in accordance with all “Part K” regulations

Solid oak handrail that is adapted for installation on a glass balustrade

“Hey Continox, I see that this offer is very attractive, but the stairs I am interested in are not straight. It seems to me that they will have a turn and a balustrade on both sides. Can you specify what the cost of such stairs would be?”

“Dear customer, below we explain all the factors that influence the cost of the stairs so that everyone can easily estimate what the final price will be”

Staircase Shape :

The shape of the stairs significantly affects their price due to the difficulties in constructing the structure, the number of man-hours, and the consumption of materials.

As a rule, for each turn, we charge an additional £1000.

  • 1 Turn Shape + £1500
  • 2 Turn Shape + £3000
  • 3 Turn Shape + £4500

Staircase Width :

The standard width of the stairs in our offer is 900mm. The prices for oak wood are very high and its processing is time-consuming, so the way we charge is for every additional 100mm in step width.

  • 1000mm Width + £950
  • 1100mm Width + £1900
  • 1200mm Width + £2850
stairs platforms

Staircase Platforms :

Platforms on this type of stairs are material absorbers 🙂

The way we calculate the cost of platforms is by square meters.

The basic determinant of the price is a platform measuring 1000mm x 1000mm valued at £1800.

  • 1 Meter + £1800
  • 2 Meter + £3600

Staircase glass balustrade without handrail:

Of course, we offer such an option if someone wants to have only glass as a balustrade on the stairs. However, this requires a different type of glass, which is 17.5mm thick, toughened and laminated.

The basic determinant for calculating the price is the square meters, which we charge at £750 each.

Staircase glass balustrade without handrail
landing balustrade

Landing Balustrade :

For stairs, we categorize the glass in two ways: 12mm toughened, which should have a handrail on top of the hlass, and 17mmtoughened and laminated, which can be without a handrail.


  • 1 Meter 12mm +£350
  • 1 Meter 17.5mm +£750

Staircase LED Lighting:

We offer an option for LED stair lighting fully integrated with the Philips HUE system, which provides many possibilities for controlling the lighting, such as color or light intensity, through an app on your phone or tablet, as well as completely touchless light activation functions with motion sensors.

The total cost of such lighting for a basic straight flight of stairs is £1,500.

continox stairs instalation

Staircase Installation :

We understand that not all of our customers feel up to the task of installing the stairs they order, so we offer our fully professional and friendly installation service

Our team of staircase experts is able to quickly and painlessly handle the installation of projects of any size.

  • Installation Cost £2000 – £2500

“Hey Continox, I see a lot of information here and your offer has really intrigued me, but there are additional elements that I would like to find out about”

Dear customer, we are happy to answer all your questions. Please contact us, and we will respond as quickly as possible. If you prefer a phone conversation, you are most welcome to use our free helpline 0800 861 1817. We are waiting for you :)”