It is true that the cost of a staircase can vary greatly depending on the design, materials, and structural factors. Without specific information on the design and specifications, it is difficult to provide an accurate estimate. However, it may be helpful to provide examples of recent quotations for different bespoke staircase designs as a general guideline.

modern staircase cost

To get a quotation for a new contemporary staircase , we typically needs some basic information about the project. For new build projects, we recommend sending the architects plans to a member of our design team.

This allows us to quickly determine which designs are suitable for the build. For renovation projects, photographs and basic measurements can be used to get a rough estimate. We can also provide a survey service ourselves to ensure accuracy.

We offer a no-obligation quotation service from our office, typically completed within 24 hours. We do not take the traditional salesmen approach, so clients can speak directly with our technical designer themselves. This allows us to keep our prices competitive and provides peace of mind for clients to deal with a single designer throughout the whole process.

Our company uses current building regulations in combination with plans or measurements to generate accurate quotations for our clients. This approach allows us to quickly determine if a certain type of staircase will fit into the space that has been designed, as well as ensuring compliance with UK building regulations.

We can also advise early on in the building process if any spaces need to be made larger or smaller, to avoid disappointment later on. By getting in touch with us at an early stage of your build, we can work together to ensure the best possible outcome for your staircase design.

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