Transform Your Home: 5 Ways to Increase Its Aesthetic Value

A well decorated house does not only make you feel happier and more comfortable inside your home but it can really add even more value to the aesthetics of your place.

If you’ve ever felt like your house could use freshening up, this post is for you! Read on for five ways to spruce up your home and make it the object of envy in your neighborhood.

Stunning modern staircase for new builds & refurbishments.

1. Enhance Your Curb Appeal

It is the first impression and tells a lot about your home on how you lifestyle over there that might have taken yourenergy form all tipos such us flooring Launceston, walking barefeet in house. Get a new, fresh look from outside your home.

Landscaping and Greenery Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Landscaping is an easy way to increase curb appeal. Basic maintenance like mowed lawns, colorful flower beds and pruned shrubs can also go a long way. It is advice to plant perennial plants when planning the rest of your garden so they are beautiful all year long with a minimum of effort.

Personal Anecdote:

This past summer, we got rid of our boring front yard. Before, it was just a dirt field with an occasional overgrown bush and patchy gras. We spent our money on some perennials, a few garden ornaments and even planted a baby tree. Fucking change to the transformation was amazing. Growing up, it added curb appeal and a sense of pride whenever we drove into our driveway.

Fresh Coat of Paint

This may also work doing an external paint in the walls and doors of the house. Choose colors that suit the environment and architecture. An entry door presents an opportunity for a bold front door color that provides curb appeal with the right attention.

Outdoor Lighting

Place lights in strategic locations to carry your property’s best features into the spotlight. Pathway solar lights, trees with spotlights and front porch lantern all make a warm evening atmosphere.

2. Interior Paint and Wallpaper

One of the most visual aspects which affect both pleasant and non-pleasant atmosphere at home is walls, so why not simply make some wall changes that will transform your interior.

Choosing the Right Colors Interior Paint and Wallpaper

Soft and modern neutral colors, whites beiges & grays will give your home a contemporary feel; And having an color accents can provide personality or break up areas with definitive spaces. Choosing a consistent palette from room to room is key.

Personal Anecdote:

Every room was painted a different shade of yawn beige when we bought our house. We chose to repaint the entire home, cool greys in the living areas and peaceful blues for our bedroom! The change was dramatic. Our home felt bigger, brighter and more unified.

Wallpaper for Accent Walls

With wallpaper, you can introduce texture and pattern to a room at relatively low cost. Give it a go on an accent wall to be able to create attention without having overfilling the space.

Ceiling and Trim

Don’t overlook those ceilings and trim. Pairing the right white with a red brick home can do wonders:A cloudy gray ceiling will make your living room feel like it extends up into the sky, while crisp white highlights spaced throughout draw attractive attention to architectural details.

3. Staircase Overhaul

The staircase, one of the most neglected spaces in a home can actually be its showstopper. Make sure that this key element is considered when you are decorating and even if your home isn’t to die for already it certainly can be.

Refinishing and Painting Staircase Overhaul

Bare wooden stairs can recover their original beholding with a refinishing. Or go for a two-toned look and paint your risers one color and the treads another.

Adding a Runner

She also mentions that a runner is not only useful in protecting the stairs but you could go for a bold color or pattern to add some interest and style. Select the right patterns and hues that sit well with your theme

Personal Anecdote:

Staircase earlier was not worthy to look at, it spoke of old and boring styles. So, we had the floors refinished and a new geometric-patterned runner installed. Fast forward to today and it’s literally the first thing guests comment on when they walk in through our front door. It is crazy how a little thing like that can do so much.

Decorative Railings

A new railing makes all the difference and can completely change the look of your staircase. Whether it is wrought iron, modern glass panels or stylish wooden finish they can do wonders for the interiors of your home.

4. Lighting and Fixtures

Lighting is very important, as it has the capacity to make or break any mood that might be lingering in your home.

Layered Lighting

A well-lit space should consist of ambient, task and accent lighting. Chandeliers, pendant lights and recessed lighting can layer the look.

Statement Pieces

Purchase ornamental light fittings with innovation. A bold chandelier or a modern sconce can serve as both lighting and art.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting options can switch ambiance on/off with your smartphone or a voice collaborative ecosystem. It serves convenience and modernity in your home.

5. Art and Accessories

They are the icing on your home and give it personality.

Wall Art

One easy way to transform your home is through art adding color, texture and personality. Pick what speaks to you, and matches your decor

Personal Collections

Show off personal collections such as vintage cameras, ceramic vases or travel souvenirs. These are what help tell your story and make your house uniquely yours.

Personal Anecdote:

My husband collects old maps and I do too. So I began to hang them in the hallway, meticulously framing each one. Now each time we walk past, it brings back memories of travels and adventures. It has a great conversation piece when company comes over.

Functional Decor

Combine Function and Style For Example: Decorative baskets, neat storage solutions and beautiful Mirrors that double as decoration in your room.


Indoor plants breathe life to any room. Select Indoor Plants With Pots That Goes Well In Your Decor


The task of beautifying your home or making its surroundings appealing should never be daunting on anyone that is doing things the right way. But by targeting essential elements like curb attraction, interior paint and staircases as well as adding lighting fixtures or ornamental accessories you can establish the ideal mix of a rejuvenated show place that still conveys your own feeling of personal flair. Just a reminder that small things matter most Therefore, think long and hard before making adjustments; revel in the process of transforming your house into a home.