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Creating beautiful bespoke staircases is our speciality.

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Why choose Continox

  • Our array of resources allow for the complete design, build and installation.

  • Our bespoke staircases can be designed in a variety of styles.

  • Staircases can be manufactured from a variety of materials and with a range of finishes.

  • We can supply any specification of glass balustrade system with a variety of colours and finishes.

  • Our individually made handrail system fits perfectly at any angle and is accurately laser levelled for a seamless fit.

What Classes Stairs as a Modern Staircase?

When you look at a staircase and think, “that looks modern,” have you ever considered which aspect(s) of the stairs it is that makes them look modern? Is it a matter of taste or something that has been incorporated into the staircase concept and design? It might be its newness, but this is not always the case – not everything that is new looks modern, does it?.

The concept of a modern staircase is based on a combination of design ideas, trends, and popular materials that are ‘trending’ or en-vogue at the time. At Conitox London modern staircase, we pick up on the latest trends and incorporate them into the design of our staircases, ensuring that they are light, aesthetically pleasing, and inspiring – in sort, a piece of art!

How do we know we’ve made the right staircase? That comes when our staircases give you a floating feeling when you use them and leave a smile on u=your face when you look at them. Achieving this is our goal, and this principle underpins the design of each staircase we produce.

Your staircase is more than just a piece of architecture, it is the central point of your home or building. Conitox London modern staircase wants to help you get inspired about your staircase and realize a technically and aesthetically stunning project. Our skill and experience in producing incredible staircases for all situations.

Call us today, and we can help you with a feasibility study. We will be delighted to help you realize your glass stairs or helical staircase projects.

London modern staircase design

At Continox, we take delight in providing you a wide range of contemporary staircase designs. Each of our concepts will transform your home, giving it a fresh and modern feeling and look.
Our design team is continuously looking for the latest materials and trends to incorporate into our staircases. They have an understanding of what works and a knack for anticipating what will become the future trends. You can have the benefit of this talented team guiding you through our range of London contemporary staircases, ensuring that you get the perfect staircase for your home.

London Modern Staircase Ideas

Our range of London contemporary staircases extends from brushed stainless steel handrails through to embedded or clamped glass balustrades. You can select from an incredible range of in-stock options and combinations so that you will have your customised staircase selected with little hassle and no delay.

Transforming your London staircase with a fresh and modern design will transform your home, bringing a ‘wow’ factor to not just your stairs but your whole home. From the design concept through to project completion, every aspect of your staircase project is completed in-house by skilled Conitox staff.

Get in touch with us today, and we can discuss modern staircase options with you. Alternatively, browse one of our extensive range of London modern staircases, and we can help you incorporate your selected design into your home. You can get in touch with us today through our online inquiry form or by emailing [email protected]. If you prefer to speak with one of our experts, give us a call

Our promise to you

The strong reputation we have built over many years is based on the high quality of skill and craft that goes into every one of your products and the level of customer service we provide. We are incredibly protective of this reputation, and we put our customers and product quality at the forefront of everything we do.
This attitude gives our customers confidence in our work and a peace-of-mind in our promise to deliver you the perfect staircase to meet your requirements. We combine our customer-commitment with a professional and friendly approach tailored to your individual needs and situation. The result of the service we offer our customers is that most new clients come from word-of-mouth referrals. You can feel what our customers feel about us by checking out what they are saying about us here.

What You Get With Continox London Staircase

Choosing Continox means that you will enjoy a friendly and professional service for your staircase installation service. We are a small business, and we have established a unified set of values and standards and values across our close-knit team. This guarantee of standardized, high-quality service is appreciated by our customers and is not often available from larger companies.
If you want a stress-free, professional, and friendly staircase design and installation in London, get in touch with us today.

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