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Creating beautiful bespoke staircases is our speciality.

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Why choose Continox

  • Our array of resources allow for the complete design, build and installation.

  • Our bespoke staircases can be designed in a variety of styles.

  • Staircases can be manufactured from a variety of materials and with a range of finishes.

  • We can supply any specification of glass balustrade system with a variety of colours and finishes.

  • Our individually made handrail system fits perfectly at any angle and is accurately laser levelled for a seamless fit.

Modern Staircases In Poole

Staircases have made their way through history for accomplishing a particular aesthetic or structural goal. While many of the most iconic staircases are generally associated with such grand constructions as The Vatican Museums or Heaven’s Gate Mountain, staircases form an equally impactful feature within the domestic environment.

Modern staircases own the capacity to open up a home to unobstructed light, for example, through means of glass bannisters and minimalist metal configurations. Modern staircases promote the property’s tone by accentuating the stylistic goals. From modernistic to industrial vibes, the staircase underlines the desired artistic tastes.

As staircases have become more of a feature within the modern home, their design has been transformed to accomplish both form and function. Formerly, staircases were wrapped in carpet and concealed as simply an area of space, owning no special qualities in the home.

Now, they have become a major component for reflecting the property’s unique personality. Continox constructs modern staircases for property owners in Poole who wish to add a layer of exclusivity to their home.

Choosing The Right Modern Staircase For Your Home

Modern staircases are designed to reflect particular market in-trends, particularly, the sense of openness and innovation. Modern staircases depart from traditional cheap softwood stairs which became ever-more bland through closed risers and carpet smothering. Instead, modern staircases celebrate themselves as a vital ingredient to a property’s structure.

Whether you are replacing your staircase or you’re building your property from the ground up, a modern staircase will accomplish both the structural requirements and the style tastes and preferences unique to you.

For staircase replacement in Poole, a new staircase will take the form of the original. In which case, it is important to understand the space and layout requirements you have for your new stairway. Alternatively, you might be looking at a brand new staircase altogether.

In either context, when you have produced a plan of the height, layout and area of the new modern staircase, the next step is to decide on the materials and finish that produce the aspired aesthetic goals. Between glass, wood and metal, or a combination of the three, Continox has created a portfolio of revolutionary staircases for our clients in Poole.

Click here for a snippet of the types of modern staircases we produce, alternatively, click here to order a catalogue.

Size, Layout And Height Of Your Modern Staircase

The available space and height that is dedicated to a new or replacement modern staircase will determine the form in which it will take. Depending on the walls and allotted gap, it can be decided whether a single flight, half-turn or quarter-turn staircase will be the most appropriate option.

Your modern staircase becomes a fundamental attribute in your home both from a practical and focal sense – but there’s no pressure.

Continox is here to guide you and advise you on the best option that contrasts both form and function. We are experts in modern staircase construction – all we require is the height and space for your new staircase (click here for the contact form) and we will do the rest.

We will work with you to produce the perfect stairway that will get your guests talking on entry. Simply fill out the handy contact form and we will be in touch in a jiffy.

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