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Creating beautiful bespoke staircases is our speciality.

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Why choose Continox

  • Our array of resources allow for the complete design, build and installation.

  • Our bespoke staircases can be designed in a variety of styles.

  • Staircases can be manufactured from a variety of materials and with a range of finishes.

  • We can supply any specification of glass balustrade system with a variety of colours and finishes.

  • Our individually made handrail system fits perfectly at any angle and is accurately laser levelled for a seamless fit.

Modern Staircases In Southampton

When it comes to interior design, one of the most crucial elements of a property structure is the staircase. With the ability to accentuate its elegance or emphasis a sense of freshness, a modern staircase adds a new dimension to a property’s design.

Staircases have made their way through history as major components to famous structures – when Titanic departed on its maiden voyage from Southampton port, one of the greatest and grandest features within the ship was the signature staircase.

Continox provides clients with the opportunity to create a modern staircase within their home to create a similar outstanding impact but at a domestic level.

Choosing Your Ideal Modern Staircase

The staircase sets the tone throughout the entire home. Depending on the desired materials or the type of layout, the staircase will determine the kind of vibe you wish to emit.

A glass bannister and fluid wooden stairwell will create an openness, meanwhile, more robust metal-based features will inject a sense of industrial style. The modern staircase you ultimately choose will have a lasting impact on the rest of your property.

It is entirely a matter of taste, and everyone’s style demands are completely original. Continox recognises how important it is for its clients in Southampton to combine a modern stairway structure that contrasts form and function.

Through a variety of material options and prospective staircase layouts, we provide clients with a wealth of opportunity to complete their perfect property.

Your Modern Staircase Layout

As with the property industry, there is a revolution happening in the world of staircases. We follow the ‘in-trends’ and provide clients with countless modern staircase designs to accomplish their requirements in both contexts of style and purpose. Continox boasts the coolest and most sophisticated modern staircase structures, and these are bespoke to the client.

Whether you are in hot pursuit of the ideal staircase to complete a property restoration project in Southampton, or you are building your home from scratch, we will guide and inspire you with modern staircases that are exclusive to your requirements.

When replacing the staircase in a pre-built home, we ask that you consider the available space, the height and the desired layout of the new staircase. This will likely reflect the layout of the original. For new homes, the design will be dictated by the property walls and designated gap for the new staircase.

The height of the modern staircase will be a guide for the number of steps and risers required. Depending on the layout of the property structure, we will resolve together whether you require a straight flight of stairs, a half-turn or a quarter-turn.

We are expert stair makers, and all we need from you is the height and shape of the designated space for your new staircase. To get the ball rolling, or for any further guidance or advice, complete our convenient contact form here.

We are always here to ensure our clients receive the best possible service. No matter where you are within your modern staircase project in Southampton, Continox are available to advise you with any questions you have.

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